The assembled camshaft is now a component of every modern combustion engine and is becoming increasingly important in the context of increasing exhaust gas requirements. As part of the valve train, the camshaft takes over the timing of the intake and exhaust valves and it is therefore a central component of the process during combustion. With the patented NT©CamShaft , a process that has been tested millions of times, Tekfor offers a system that leaves all levels of design flexible for the OEM.

Why the Camshaft from us:

  • Weight reduction of up to 45% due to cavities and optimized end piece connection
  • Safe and predictable press fitting
  • All materials can be combined, even high-strength materials possible
  • Reduction of pipe wall thickness to 2-2.5 mm
  • No grinding after assembly necessary
  • All geometries can be manufactured even small negative radii
  • High surface pressure transferable by cams made of 100Cr6
  • Finishing and DLC coating on single cam possible