Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ)

Constant velocity joints are components that are installed in drive trains and compensate for movement within the drive train. In addition to the compensation of angles, there are also constant velocity joints that can compensate lengths. The torque is transmitted through balls which are subjected to very high loads. This requires high-strength components that have to meet challenging requirements for lightweight construction.

Why the Constant Velocity Joints from us:

  • Low weight and high transfer capacity through combination of forged and sheet metal components
  • Soft contour transitions and uninterrupted fiber gradients of the Net Shape forming process ensure high load-bearing capacity and long service life
  • Direct force flow and reduction of the required components through plug connection
  • Plug splines can be varied according to customer requirements
  • Crash properties can be easily adjusted
  • Product processes including assembly from a single source
  • Development of competencies and prototype production