Differential Bevel Gears

Differential bevel gears are components that are used in almost all vehicles and are required as soon as a vehicle axle is driven. When driving around corners, the outer wheel has to cover a bigger distance than the inner wheel, which also means that the outer wheel has to turn faster than the inner wheel. The differential is used to achieve the speed difference. It includes two side shaft bevel gears and two pinion bevel gears. In the electromobility, there is a tendency to maintain this established mechanical system. The lower noise emission of an electric car will increase the accuracy requirements and thus bring innovative new production concepts for bevel gears to the fore.

Why the Differential Bevel Gears from us:

  • High competence in hot, warm and cold forming
  • Complete in-house product manufacturing, tool design and tool manufacturing
  • Innovative strategies for new production concepts to increase quality
  • Design and geometry optimization to improve the running smoothness of bevel gears
  • Open for new production concepts through development partnerships