E-Gear Shaft

The transmission shafts transmit the torque and the rotation speed of the electric motor by a rotary movement with a corresponding gear transmission ratio to the drive axle. Depending on the number of gear stages, this may be a drive shaft, intermediate shaft or output shaft. Gear shafts can be designed either as a solid shaft or as a hollow shaft design. Due to speeds up to 20.000 rpm there are very high demands on component quality such as noise and imbalance. They are produced as a blank by means of forming technology and then followed by different manufacturing processes, such as machining, further forming steps or a heat treatment.

Why the E-Gear Shaft from us:

  • Lightweight design due to hollow shaft manufactured by forming technology
  • Material savings due to near net shape forged contour (conserve resources)
  • Combination of forming and rotary swaging process possible
  • Multi-part design with Tekmount® mounting technology