ENKO® Safety nut

ENKO® is Tekfor’s all-metal security nut. This re-usable lock nut is used in safety-relevant screw connections. The ENKO® is available in one and two-piece sizes from M14 to M86, depending on the application, for example for axle central bolting, securing axle components and steering components in cars, commercial vehicles and trucks.

Why the ENKO® Safety nut from us:

  • We are the world market leader for this product for decades
  • The ENKO® was invented by us and is constantly being further developed
  • ENKO® offers one of the highest securing torques with outstandingly low dispersion on the market.
  • Each ENKO® is designed, tested and produced taking individual customer requirements
  • All measurements and tests during series production take place on the company’s own measuring machines and test benches
  • The entire production process chain takes place at our company