Parking Lock Mechanism

The parking lock is a component which is located in the passenger car and small commercial vehicles in the drive train area, and which secures the vehicle against unintentional rolling away. Here, the parking lock gear is mechanically locked against the transmission housing with the help of the parking pawl, which positively engages in the outer contour of the parking lock gear. Electro mobility is showing a trend towards smaller parking lock wheels. Due to the occurring forces and moments, a wider, high-strength wheel must be used to reduce the surface pressure, which can be realized by a forming process. Furthermore, additional strength can be brought into the component by special fiber alignment realized by forming.

Why the Parking Lock Mechanism from us:

  • Compared to fineblanking/punching, the forging technology makes it possible to achieve significantly greater material thicknesses
  • With identical loads, these greater material thicknesses allow smaller diameters to be achieved, which leads to a significant reduction in installation space
  • Through the combination of hot and cold forming with subsequent heat treatment and mechanical processing, the components are optimally designed for the application
  • High-strength component with integrated lightweight design
  • Machining meets the increased requirements for applications in electric gearboxes
  • High product- and process expertise