Precision in motion

We can offer you a special process that utilizes automated, computer-controlled assembly lines to manufacture high-precision ready-to-use camshafts.. This unique process is the only one in the world, that delivers a direct conclusion from process parameters to transmittable torque. Ground cam lobes and other components can be assembled on the shaft with high precision and flexibility. Our process ensures high precision as well as flexibility when it comes to the assembly of finish worked lobes and other components to the cam shaft without any subsequent machining.

In addition, we produce annually over 80 million ready-to-use steel cam lobes and valve train components, as well as state-of-the-art, ready-to-use steel conrods with minimal tolerances and superior performance characteristics. Other applications include ready-to-use valve spring retainers, for passenger cars and trucks, manufactured with a combined hot / cold forming production process.



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