Efficient power transmission

As a global leader in terms of competence we manufacture gear wheel and flanges in various value-added stages. Our manufacturing methods for shafts used in manual and automatic transmissions are based on optimized combinations of state-of-the-art forming processes. The final assembly process includes innovative assembly procedures (TEKMOUNT) and well-tried friction welding and forming technologies.

We are able to manufacture a broad variety of transmission components such as synchronizer rings, reverse gear wheels with net-shaped toothing as well as ready-to-install bevel gears and finished splines.

Solutions for power transmission within electric vehicles are also included in our scope of applications. Our technologies allow us to build ready to install rotor shafts as well as other key components such as input shafts and hubs for hybrid modules. If you need to develop a new transmission solution we are happy to offer you our expertise along the entire value chain that sets the focus on weight and cost optimization.



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