Rotor Shaft

The rotor shaft is a central component of the electric motor. The rotor shaft is the carrier shaft for the laminated core of the rotor and thus transmits the electrically induced torque via a corresponding positive connection in the transmission. In addition to the requirement for bearing the rotor and a variety of attachments, the design of the rotor shaft is very much dependent on the chosen cooling concept of the electric motor. Especially with larger electric motors and thus larger and longer rotor shafts, a hollow shaft enables new design aspects both for the cooling system and for lightweight construction. However, the most important function remains the transmission of torque from electrical to kinetic energy in the transmission and thus to move the vehicle. Due to the high rotation speed of up to more than 20.000 rpm and the high torques, the rotor shafts are exposed to very high loads. This requires high-strength components that still have to meet high demands on lightweight design.

Why the rotor shafts from us:

  • According to customer requirements, the rotor shafts can be designed as hollow shafts as well as solid shafts
  • Lightweight design using a tube and as a built version with the patented Tekmount® technology
  • Combination of different materials possible
  • Rotor shaft ready for installation or as a semi-finished part close to the final contour
  • Low weight (conserve resources) and high transmission capacity
  • High process expertise in the fields of forming, rotary swaging, turning, hardening, axial forming, grinding
  • Splines can be varied according to customer requirements
  • Development expertise and prototype production