Technological understanding

Focusing on the result – Technologies and Processes

Exclusive product know-how, utilization of all the key processes and global manufacturing locations have made us into one of the leading suppliers to the automotive sector: from metal forming technology blanks, semi-processed parts and ready-to-install components right through to complete assemblies.

In the course of continuously outsourcing manufacturing penetration to suppliers, the automotive sector has always set great store by ensuring uniform provision of all necessary technologies and processes in the portfolio. In addition to expertise in terms of the formed part, came an increasing call for comprehensive know-how regarding all the various manufacturing systems and processes.

The Tekfor Group has always worked constantly and successfully to fulfill these requirements. The advantage and, as such, the benefit for the client: continual improvement of manufacturing processes in terms of quality, functionability and cost.

The quality of our technologies and manufacturing processes are regularly verified through external audits.